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Cluttered Closet into a Cozy Nook

June 4, 2017

This DIY transformation is probably my favorite we’ve done in our home to date! We have a 3 bedroom 2 bath home and currently only one kiddo…so we have spare guest room. Almost all of our family lives out of town so let’s just say it gets good use as a guest room. My husband and I love entertaining and having our family and a special guest room sanctuary is something we have been working towards for a while. Since we got new carpet about 6 months ago…the closet doors that were super janky before, have come off and never gone back on.

So as you can see the closet in the guest room that always happened to store all of our junk or random things was exposed. We came up with the idea to create a little nook or extra space out of the closet but I could have never imagined it would come to life like it did! This post is less of a step by step DIY and more of an DIY idea/inspiration.
The horrid before…

I joke and call it our free closet since the desk we got from our neighbors trash. It was painted and my mom volunteered to strip it for us…I didn’t fight her! Then we through some Early American stain on it and the pine really shines!!

The next free component was the amazingly beautiful tongue and groove cedar that my brother and his wife had leftover from a house build they finished recently. My oh so talented husband worked with the different size pieces trimming and piecing them together…way better than I could have ever done. I’m not a perfectionist, luckily he is! He used a nail gun to secure each board and create this beautiful backdrop for our sweet little nook.

Plus the wood backdrop covered up the oh so many holes in the wall from the previous owner’s wall organization or something. It was quite horrid to look at and hard to really cover up completely even with spackle. And when we turn it back into a closet for another child someday, it creates a much cleaner look for the room overall!

Something to keep in mind and it may different from each type of cedar you come across…but oh boy this soaked up the paint! What you see is a coat of primer and 3 coats of white on top of that! I mean, I think it took longer to paint it all than install it! LOL But it looks so clean and fresh! I had a good little painter on the first step…of course I only kept her in there with me for about 30 minutes and a window open for airflow!

Now we still wanted to have some space for our guests to hang clothes up so we did a little series of hooks on the side wall that kind of hides to the side. I think it turned out just functional enough while still being discrete and stylish!

My hubby was the brain and muscle behind this project and I was thrilled to be the one styling at the end! To style the space I added a pop of color with one of my watercolors to the left of the desk – you see that as soon as you walk in the room! Click HERE to shop some more of my watercolors for sale on Etsy!

And then I added some flowers and a candle on top of the desk to cozy it up! I staged some cutesy little notebooks and stationary and supplies on the desk as well to make it feel cozy and functional for our guests! The Letters container is actually from our wedding – we had it for cards to be housed in. So it is fun to use it again!

Hope you have enjoyed this transformation! It was fun to see it in progress and even more fun for it to be done! I love having this quaint cozy space for our guests and for us to enjoy in our home!

Please feel free to save this idea for yourself or share the love using this image below!

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