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Creating a Cozy Dining Room

January 10, 2017

I love winter time and after Christmas is over, I’m always looking for a way to create some warmth in my home again without all the fun lights and nostalgic holiday décor. Creating a cozy home in the winter is so HUGE in my book because there can be a lot of bleak gray days and when you and your family look around your home, you want to feel warm and comforted by what you see. I’m all about added elements in your home being useful and functional though– you have to be able to live easily in a space and if décor takes over or makes daily functioning awkward…well then that’s just awkward!  I was encouraged by the Arhaus online community to share ways to create a cozy space in your home this winter! I decided to focus on our dining room!

We all may not especially think of how to make your dining space cozy – most will think of living or bedrooms. But I’m going to take you into an important room in your home that can sometimes be overlooked for seasonal décor…the dining room! We don’t have an eat-in kitchen so our dining room is our formal and informal dining space and it is kind of in the middle of it all and visible from the living room too! It is probably my favorite room in our home! It has my favorite design pieces and our bay window…well that just seals the deal!

So come along with me for some ideas I’ve put together to inspire you – my lovely readers – on how to create a cozy dining room this winter season!

Everyone has different layouts in their home so every one of my ideas may not work or function well for your dining room but pick and choose and create your own – make it fun and casual! That’s what actually “living” in your home is all about!

I’m going to give two perspectives for my cozy dining – (1) is about creating that everyday cozy functional dining room space (2) is about creating a cozy entertaining space.

For my everyday cozy functional dining space I’ve incorporated a few new elements. In the bay window area I wanted to throw a blanket up there with the pillows so that when my baby girl and I sit up there and play or do art, we have some warm comfy essentials. Or if I decide to chill during one of her naps or at night, this could be a fun spot to hang out and read while sipping some hot beverage while it’s’ snowing! Doesn’t that sound nice…let’s see if it ever happens between housework and housework! HA But it sure looks inviting! Oh and the super awesome tray – handmade Christmas present from all live scoured wood from my super sweet and talented uncle Jim and aunt Bette! It just adds so nicely to the space.

Onto the room’s center stage – the dining table – I wanted to keep it fairly simple. I think if you love the dining room table in your space, inspiration for décor will flow from there. Arhaus has a huge selection of gorgeous dining tables – if you are in the market for one, they are a must see! Here is my little set up…

With the décor on the table, I used some live evergreens to dress up these rustic wooden boxes filled with some small bud vases… The lantern in the middle creates a feeling of warmth with the candle inside and at night is ia gorgeous centerpiece to the table. Plus these hold a special place in our heart since we had lots of these lanterns lining the church aisle at our wedding!

On our antique hoosier cabinet to the side of the table (for the full rehab story on this piece click HERE), I wanted to create more height in the space so I added another lantern matching the one on the table to the top of the cabinet.

Inside the nook of the cabinet, I’ve added some old books and my faux succulents that have made their debut in many rooms in the house! Throw in a few candles and you have a cute little corner in this cabinet.

You’ll also notice in both looks for the dining room…we have a my fake vintage record player! I love this thing! It was a gift from my parents awhile back as they know I have an old soul and love of scratchy old record music. I think music just adds a comfort to any space so it is housed in our dining room ever since Christmas time came around and I think it might just stay there!

For my cozy entertaining space in our dining room, I kept the bay window seat fairly similar but de-cluttered it a bit for extra seating but still with a cozy feel.  I tried to create a drink station here for wine drinkers and placed wooden coasters out to keep it rustic and so that people see that they can sit over in this area and chill and chat. And no lie – if I could teleport these gorgeous vintage style glasses from Arhaus for my space right now…I would! You must check them out!

And then for those that might not want wine, I’ve created a warm beverage station over at the hoosier cabinet. My super vintage copper teapot goes perfect atop the wood slice platter surrounded by our rustic and elegant mugs. And how does a warm spiked beverage not scream “come in, relax and be cozy comfy!” For a favorite warm spiked tea – click HERE!

Let’s finish the idea tour at our entertaining centerpiece – the table! I’ve changed it up quite a bit – going for a whimsical warm fireplace feel with mixed neutrals of cream and white. The close coloring I think just feels calm and inviting and it doesn’t distract from the focus of entertaining – fun and food with friends!

The rustic toolbox filled with birch wood anchors the table and then I surrounded that with candles running down the table on birch wood slices. I also mixed in a little evergreen I had from the previous table setting to add some more texture.

I don’t have a fully set table on the regular, but of course for entertaining it needs to be set! Well if you plan on feeding people…it is kind of necessary!  Sticking with the mixed neutral theme I was able to utilize our regular dining plates that fit my crème coloring needed and obviously I like them since I chose them but the design kind of fit perfectly with my rustic winter feel in the centerpiece.

Now if I can really indulge and imagine trading out the light fixture that came with this house – which we don’t care for too much – I will now inform my husband I’m saving away our money for this rustic wooden work of light art from Arhaus!

And viola – there you have it! It has been so fun to collaborate with the Arhaus team and use their products as inspiration to come up with some cozy space ideas for my own home that I can share with you all! Here are just a few more shots of my cozy dining room at night in the candle light!

If you like what you’ve seen and want to save it or share…please do using this Pinterest and social media friendly image below! And check out Arhaus’s Pinterest page as well – they have some great inspirational ideas from other bloggers as well on “cozy winter decor”.

*This post is not sponsored by Arhaus, rather inspired by their products. All opinions are my own!

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  • Russ Alcorn January 10, 2017 at 1:52 pm

    Love your decorations and creativity.