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DIY Doily Crafting for Valentine’s

February 2, 2017

I’ve never been a big Valentine’s Day person…it maybe was a tad bit of bitterness before my husband and I met and fell in love. Even after we met, it has been fun to do special things and get/give gifts but having kids can make not so exciting holidays even more exciting! So now that our little girl is getting older and more interactive, it is fun to do crafts for every holiday with her and come up with ideas to make our house like a wonderland of whatever holiday is going on at the time. I like to do everything on a budget though and so here today I’m sharing the LOVE by presenting 10 different ideas for how to use 2 – $1 packs of doilies from Target dollar spot (one white, one pale pink) to create a Valentine’s Loveland in your house!

The doily packs had 14 doilies in each and these were already recycled from the DIY table runner I did at my little girl’s tea party birthday (my Tea Party birthday post coming soon…) so I got some mileage out of these $2 spent! Some of these little DIY’s are great to do with kids and some are better for “mommy’s craft time” time!

Delicate Banner

This banner was super-duper easy to put together! I did this one in about 10 minutes on a naptime using 7 doilies total! You might want to make your longer depending on where you are using it, but I wanted to dress up our master bedroom headboard so I didn’t need it to be very long.

I found some spare white twine in my craft room, cut it to size, folded each doily in half  and simply ran a line of hot glued along the inside fold and secured it onto the twine! Repeat 6 times and you’re done!

Classy Photo Frame

This simple but classy way to dress up photos around Valentine’s as gifts or at-home displays is so easy. Basically, lay a 3×5″ photo centered inside one doily, and then lay another doily over the top. Trace outline of the solid portion of doily and trim away. Tape in a few spots so the doilies stay together and hold the photo in place.
Essentially the photo is peeking through with the delicate doily trip still surrounding the photo. Surprise your love or family with these all over the house and it will be whimsical!!

Fancy Treat Pockets

I kind of stole this idea from an episode of The Kitchen when Katie Lee made a treat pocket from a paper plate. Since doilies are more delicate, you have to choose your “treats” for the inside wisely. But all you have to do is fold the doily in half, then fold in the sides about an inch from the edge and secure with a dot of hot glue to hold. Over the back folds, let your little ones help you decorate with stickers and then place a bow on the front to really make it look like a gift! Fill with a gift like I did or your favorite lightweight and not greasy treat and voila!

Last minute Dinner Doily Chargers

Let’s say you want to have a special Valentine’s dinner for your special person or your family OR you are planning a last minute get together with friends… these last minute doily chargers are for you! All you need to do is get the dinner plate you are using as a template for how far around you need to fan the doilies. Depending on your dinner plate size, you should be able to get away with just a few doilies of each color or do all one color and alternate place settings. That’s your creative choice! Once I got the right layout, I just secured them together on the inside circle overlaps with a small piece of double stick tape. I just love this look!

Watercolor Art

This is a fun one to do with your little ones as an art project! Watercolor is such a fun art medium to do with really little ones as it can tend to be less messy. All you really need to do is get a fun pink/red/purple watercolor palette, some water, a brush and your white doilies. Pretty much just let your little one go crazy and when it is completed, you have some super pretty sun catchers to hang in your windows or on mirrors around the house! My one tip is pull the doily away from little one and replace with a fresh one before the colors overlap too much and it gets brown!

Flower Vase décor

With this fun little idea, I wanted to mimic the look of fresh flowers when they are wrapped in that paper and look so fancy and special! So I found a small bud vase and wrapped the doily around into glueing it so it wouldn’t slide around. Then I neatly folded the bottom and glued that as well. Once you are done with this look, the hot glue should pop right off the glass, no harm!
I finished it off with a twine bow and I absolutely LOVE the way it looks! Fill a table with these and how special is that! And easy!!

Kiddie Card

Why do cards have to be square or rectangular? We decided to use our recycled dainty doilies for our family Valentine’s cards from our lil one! I folded them in half and let her go to town with themed stickers and then we just wrote a quick message inside! Easy as 1, 2, 3! Mail these out to the grandparents, cousins, etc. and how fun is that!

Love Notebook

This one you could do as elaborate or simple as you’d like! I was just thinking initially of the photographed basic notebook with a doily cut in half and modge podged to the front for a decorative element! Hand these out to friends and family for a small but special Valentine’s gift. But you could also watercolor some doilies or sticker them up and then do this and have a more colorful piece to present!

Pretty Little Pinwheels

I had an idea in my head for this one but blogger confession…I had to Google how to make it come to life! I improvised from a few photos I saw but love how it turned out! Basically, I took 4 doilies, cut them in half and began accordion folding about ½” folds, secured the base with a little tape and repeated for the others. Then I used a dot of hot glue on either side of each base to glue them together into a wheel.
You could just tape these up on the back or glue a piece of string on the back like I did and hang for décor!

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