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Fall Refresh with Watercolor

September 12, 2017

The crisp air, crunchy leaves, pumpkins galore, warm drinks on cool days and soooo much more! Oh my birthday might be during this time too! Do you know what season I’m talking about…FALL! It has always been my favorite and it isn’t why we named our daughter Autumn but it was an added coincidental perk to the love we had for the name initially! Fall makes me feel so refreshed with ideas as wife, mother and artist! Read along with me today about the artist side of what has been going on recently with me and why fall is refreshing my spirit!

It’s been a bit since I’ve posted on my blog since a lot of my focus has been on developing my Relentless at Art watercolor business lately. I’m trying to grow my presence on Etsy and at local pop up markets! It’s been a joyful and humbling learning experience but I have been praying for God to give me guidance and discernment on how to continue and He truly has! I am excited to have just launched the beginning of my seasonal prints line on my Etsy shop! You are seeing pictures of all my new fall paintings sprinkled into this post – each one is a clickable link to that listing if it is still available – so click a picture quick if you like it!

What I love so much about watercolor are the soft lines and the whimsical look it seems to give everything you paint with it! I am growing and learning every day and I hope to bring more and more variety to my shop as the months and years go on. But I sense my core inspiration behind most all my work will be nature. I just feel that God gave me this gift and I feel most inspired by the art He has created in our world so I want to paint His creations more than anything!

At a recent farmer’s market that I sold my art at, one of the kindest ladies was shopping and said to me, “I just love looking at all your work, it makes me so happy.” That hit me straight in the heart! I don’t say this to brag or boast because in many ways I am still very insecure with my young craft…but if anything could have been said to me that day to keep me pressing on with my sometimes slow moving handmade business, that was it! God sent her to me that day – I know it!

So now florals are never out of season, but fall is a lil more pumpkins and leaves and such…I wanted to start a fall seasonal line on my Etsy shop for my fall loving friends to decorate their homes with! Sometimes a framed piece of art is an easy way to decorate a room for a seasonal change! I hope you like my wreaths and fun pumpkins that I think being fall cheer to any space! More prints are being added all the time so follow me on social media or check back frequently to see new inventory!

Thanks for sitting down with me and supporting my blog and shop by reading along about my lil life! May God bless you – seek Him and He will lead you in ways everlasting!

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