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My Rustic Valentine DIY

February 5, 2017

So this DIY came from 2 inspirations…painted sticks and a mobile I saw where someone (honestly I can’t remember who) used sticks to make the structure of a mobile and then they dangled fun things from it! One afternoon my daughter and I were out playing in our back yard and we started collecting sticks. She was having a ball and I thought how fun if we painted sticks and turned them into a mobile for Valentine’s day! It would be not as much of a soothing baby mobile since she is 2 now, but just a fun decor piece for her room.

After collecting the sticks and choosing our favorites…we got to the painting! I love how much she loves painting and swirling all different colors together. Makes momma smile!

Once they were dry, the next day I began tying the sticks together with twine to keep the rustic theme. It really doesn’t matter how far apart you make them…as long as there is some room to hang your “danglers” (my word for whatever you decide to cut out and hang from the sticks). Make sure each side of the twine when tying off each section are as even as you can get so the entire mobile doesn’t look wonky! I’m not a precise person so if I can do it, so can you!

Then since I was making the mobile a Valentine’s decor piece, I had some pale pink and dark pink felt in my craft room and I just started cutting out hearts galore! Make sure you cut out of two of each size you do and vary the sizes and shapes of the hearts – makes it more fun and whimsical I think.

Cut some white thread into about 4″ long strips and after your hearts are cut out, sandwich a piece of white thread in between each pair of felt hearts with a little hot glue and let that dry. A tip to make the mobile even more free-flowing…don’t hang the thread out the center of every heart. Glue the thread on some coming out the top sides and such. I think it adds something to it!

You could very well tie the white thread off on each branch but I didn’t want the knots showing so I draped the thread over the stick and just did a tiny dot of hot glue on backside of mobile to secure thread. You don’t even see it and it looks like thread is floating over the top of the stick freely!

This was such an easy and fun DIY that I was able to get my lil one involved in with me some – which I always love! I loved finishing it on her nap and then putting it in her room to surprise her!

Hope you find time to throw one of these together for Valentine’s day OR for any time of the year for any holiday. The sky is the limit!!
If you love and would like to share – I appreciate it!! Feel free to use the social media friendly image below!!

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  • Russ Alcorn February 5, 2017 at 11:38 pm

    What a cool idea. Keep up the good work. Autumn will someday appreciate how great her Mom was.