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Our Cozy Christmas Home Tour 2016

December 5, 2016

I love this time of year and I love seeing what everyone does with their homes! I know the meaning of Christmas isn’t about decorating to the nines and presents galore – but I told my husband as we enjoyed our lil cozy home decked out for the season…I just love how decorating the house makes the season feel special and cozy! It reminds me in a way of what this Advent season is about – the lights everywhere to me symbolize the Light of our world coming to save us once as Christmas is celebrated and even more importantly, His second coming again someday.

And we can celebrate that by taking each day a little slower and intentionally doing special things with our loved ones to remember and prepare our hearts. To me the decor surrounding you in your home just adds to and reminds us of that blissful season we are in together as believers! Thanks for listening and now to the photos!
I will start as if you are walking into our living room from the front door and see the Christmas tree and cozy chair!
These are little pine cones baby girl and I painted and decked out for the tree!
And this is her very chic ornament she picked out at this fun shop a couple months back – we were quite proud of her choice with the many pink and ballerina ornaments around…she chose after her mommy and daddy’s rustic loving heart!
This is then how I quickly dressed up the ladder behind our couch!
And then the dining room is probably my favorite in terms of all the fun choices we made and it houses our pretty new table too! But most important it houses our manger and Advent wreath!
So take a look around! I’m not going to narrate as much this year because when I go to people’s pages I just wanna see the pretties – so that’s what I hope to give you – the photos mostly!
Our little girl’s room is the only other decked out room – we did a little lit garland on our headboard but not enough to highlight here! We do adore how her colorful Christmas room turned out! My mom and dad would always spoil me with the dreamiest lights and setup in my room for Christmas – we had to do the same for her!!

Thanks for touring with me! Hope you enjoyed!
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