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Savoring Autumn

November 11, 2016

Autumn is such a gorgeous time of year and it all culminates with Thanksgiving – a day of giving thanks to God for all the blessings we’ve been given and for thanking those around us for all they do! Or at least that’s how we like to celebrate in our family. And I don’t like to rush this season so as I’m still pressing leaves with my little one, raking and playing in leaf piles and trying to come up with yummy fall eats…an idea hit me! I shall incorporate all my wants to keep fall alive for a few more weeks and create a little mini-thanksgiving appetizer edition. So this post is three-fold really (1) I’m sharing my casual style Thanksgiving table décor centerpiece (2) My version of a thanksgiving appetizer charcuterie board (3) Finding use for your pressed leaves

We are pretty pumped with this dining room table we restored so that we now finally have a real official family style dining room table – not a tall bistro style table. I wanted to decorate it how it deserved to be decorated…with class and grandeur! Believe it or not, I found a gorgeous arrangement of these fall colored sunflowers with tons of eucalyptus mixed in at the local grocery store and grabbed it right up.
We slipped the florals and greenery down in bud vases inside these fun old boxes and centered one of our wedding lanterns in the middle of it all to balance it all out. Underneath is a simple neutral table runner I made out of some scrap fabric and voila – an autumn tablescape that could work for everyday use or a formal Thanksgiving celebration!

Now to using the table for my Thanksgiving charcuterie tray! A little back story to this idea…we rotate major holidays between my husband’s family and mine each year with the families living 8 hours from each other and 4 hours each from us! This year my hubby’s family is Thanksgiving and my family is Christmas. So I decided while my family was here early November helping us with our girl during the insanity of new carpet installation in our entire home…I would do a thanksgiving style appetizer for our happy hour time one evening.

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I like to thank people with food by filling their tummies with a special yummy treat. I’d never created a charcuterie tray – AKA really just a fancy word I love to keep saying for meat, cheese, cracker (or bread) and fruit tray. But the sky is the limit and I gathered some inspiration from various ideas online and this is what I created!

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My Thanksgiving Charcuterie Board:
– pinwheel displayed peppered salami halves
– sharp white cheddar cheese (pairs nicely with salami)
– plain white crackers
– crostini bread crisps
-Sriracha peanuts
*basically I just sauté peanuts in a pan with sriracha and soy sauce until sticky and coated. Let cool and store in air tight container until ready to use.
– vegetable crackers
– Feta stuffed olives
*I just added some olive oil to a Mediterranean Feta to loosen and soften it up and piped it into a pitted green olive! YUM!
– apples and goat cheese with honey

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Processed with Rookie Cam

Mix and match cutting boards, wood bowls, wood trays, etc. to create a mixed but cohesive look!

If you noticed on my charcuterie board I had some labels for the different foods and those were done with pressed leaves, a chalk paint pen and some gold sharpie. I’ve been having so much fun collecting leaves with my lil girl and pressing them but realizing I don’t know what to do with them after that.
Once I came up with this appetizer board idea…I thought, why not write on the leaves and use them as festive labels so everyone knows what they are getting as they snack. I initially wrote the wording with a white chalk paint pen – waited for it to dry completely and then went over it with gold sharpie to soften the look and give a shadow affect. Love how it turned out accidentally…I mean on purpose!

I hope you’ve enjoyed journeying with me through a few more weeks of fall with my three fun ideas to keep the season going until Thanksgiving comes and then Advent begins! Don’t get me wrong, I am ready for Christmas time but like to savor the season at hand fully first.

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  • Russ Alcorn November 11, 2016 at 1:42 pm

    I sure enjoyed those snacks and they were well presented. Also enjoyed reading your article.