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Styling an Outdoor Bar Cart

April 20, 2017

I love that spring has arrived and it’s time to hit the outdoors! My husband and I love chilling on our deck and grilling out in the spring and summer which means time to entertain friends and family! My mom passed down to me from my grandparents this adorable outdoor cart. I remember the big patio they had outside that it used to sit on…such fond sweet memories. So when she offered it to me, it was an instant YES! I was in love at first site although most probably wouldn’t want to look past the rust and grime…I saw beauty!

We gave it new happy life with a bright pale blue and it now lives on our back deck and makes me smile every time I look out. I think it makes a great plant stand and bar cart – so I thought I’d show some of my “styling” ideas that have been bouncing around in my head for the bar cart use! I love getting new ideas from others and wanted to hopefully inspire some new ideas for you my lovely readers this warm weather season!

My theme going on…let’s call it colorful casual! I am really just calling it that because I didn’t buy anything new to style this cart so mismatch happened but I loved it that way. Well, except the fancy tonic bottles I did purposely purchase because I’d always wanted to try them and I couldn’t photograph my great value diet tonic…not very chic!

So I wanted to show a beverage cart that was family friendly so I housed the kid friendly beverages on the bottom shelf of the cart in our fun vintage soda bottle crate. You’ve got to have lots of choices for kiddos and the more colorful the soda and labels, the better!

On the top shelf…where do I begin! The basket is a lovely from Crate and Barrel – a favorite wedding present of mine! I needed a little more space up there than I felt like I had so this could hang off the back and give me more study surface area to work with. Plus it adds some dimension and balances with the heavy crate on the bottom shelf.

Inside the basket I put the gin and tonic bottles, the colorful vintage glasses I’ve collected, and the lemons and limes! Of course, whatever beverage you want to offer people replace that for my gin and tonic but for a party or gathering, offer a set drink and then maybe have a cooler with other options too. But I say display what’s pretty!

To the right of the basket I wanted to keep the “beverage theme” so I used some recycled glass drink bottles (hoarder issues I know) as vases! The colorful speckled one is a super fun shot glass my parents got us in Mexico…love it! I think giving the different height and bottle shapes provides a good balance and allows for different type florals because some are bulky and tall, like daffodils – and some are dainty and short, like grape hyacinth.

Of course you must have napkins and these lovelies are from Ikea – so fun and springy! You could for sure pre-chill your beverages or throw a cute ice bucket with a handle over the side of the cart or make space up top. But I never want to prefill glasses because no one likes watered down beverages to start with…right?!

I think that’s all she wrote! Hope this helps you find some fun ideas to decorate your outdoor beverage/bar cart this spring and summer as outdoor entertaining begins! Please share with me ideas you have too and as always, find my social media outlets below this post or at the top of my homepage and follow along for more updates and posts like this one!
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  • Russ Alcorn April 20, 2017 at 7:42 pm

    Another great idea and beautiful arrangement.