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Daddy’s Shirt Blankie

February 15, 2017

I’m not a quilter, a seamstress, nor would I even call myself a good or patient person that sews. But I know enough to get the job done just don’t ever look to close at my work! But I do love that I know how to sew via machine or by hand because it is a great skill to have for purposes like…making a blanket out of my husband’s old shirts for our little girl.

So after being up front with the information above, I will say this post below is not a tutorial on the proper way to sew this blanket. Rather I’m giving you my ideas for the basic execution of the pattern and how cheap and truly easy it can be for even an amateur. Or if you have a friend who can sew…bake them some cookies or pay them a little to make it for you! The cost of the project is almost nothing since the shirts you already have and the backing fabric can be as basic as mine – which was a couple yards of $2 Wal-Mart fleece!

So where did the idea come from?
No matter if we buy my husband nice expensive shirts or decent bargain shirts…with him wearing them to work every day, they all last about a year or two and then time for a new round. I never knew how different men and women are with clothes until I got married…we have like triple if not more of the selection in our closet but we keep ours for 5-8 years (or I do) and they have a minimal selection but restock every couple years. I guess it all evens out in the long run!

Anyways…the most recent batch he was going through had so many memories of our first years of marriage and all times when he would come home from work and hold our brand new baby girl because he missed from a long day gone. I just couldn’t bear to get rid of them as I’m sooooo the sentimental type. I remembered the fun idea of parents making blankets out of t-shirts with memories through their kid’s lives – so why not do that with his shirts that had such sweet memories!

Where did I get started?
I wanted to get as many sections out of each shirt that I could so I had options and because I wanted to make a fairly large blanket that our little one could grow into as she got older. I was able to get two rectangular panels from the back of shirt and 1 from each side of the front. Depending on the shirt size, you may be able to get more or less. I was working with mediums. I also decided that adding a border to the blanket would give it a nice finished look so I managed to get some longer skinny scraps from sleeves and upper back of the blue and white plaid shirt.

As you see in my pictures, it was important for me to lay it all out to get the full visual effect before I just started sewing. Again, I’m not going to give a sewing step by step tutorial as that’s not my forte. If you know how to sew at all, use your instinct and it is pretty logic based once you have everything cut out and ready to go!

There are tons of great sewing blogs and videos out there. If you want to know where to begin on something basic like a block quilt blanket, just Google it! But I found this super adorable lady with a YouTube channel called Professor Pincushion who has a great 28 minute video that could show you all the ins’ and outs’ and a video would be far easier to follow than a text step by step guide. Click  for her video.

Adding Pizazz!
One other thing you’ll notice I chose to add was one of the pockets to the front. I figured she could keep sweet little things in it as she gets older or we could slip notes or little gifts in it for her! It was super easy to just hand stitch it on to the front once I was done.

And since this blanket was for our little girl, I wanted to girl it up a bit since it kind of looked like a blanket for a boy since it was made from daddy’s old shirts. I found this perfect iron on patch at Hobby Lobby on the cheap and just ironed it on to the blanket highlighting the pocket again too!

The neatest thing about this blanket is that my daughter hasn’t really ever had a blankey or stuffed animal or pacifier that she took too or wanted to have when she slept. But this blanket is now what must go in and come out of the crib with her every time she gets up from a nap or in the morning. I love that it brings her comfort!

Hope you’ve been inspired to find some fabrics in your life that can be created into a fun piece for your kiddos or anyone in your life you want to spoil!

Thanks for reading along and if you like what you’ve read, feel free to share away using this image below!

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