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DIY Planter Boxes & Flower Layout

June 13, 2017

Adding some fresh colorful flowers is a sure fire way to add pizazz to any home’s curb appeal. My husband and I were wanting planter boxes ever since we moved into our home. But to be quite honest…they were always WAY to expensive for a wooden box to put flowers into. Plus we love DIY’ing and decided finally this spring to make our own and the total…only $10 a planter box! YES, I said it!

So in this post you will see a very basic and quick DIY on how to build these super affordable planter boxes and then I will also give you my blueprint on what sun loving plants I chose for these planter boxes. I know I always love ideas on flower combinations so I hope you enjoy mine!

Now let’s get down to it…basically we are building a box without a top to it! And we used pine board – about as cheap as it can come without being plywood HA. But we didn’t need nor want the expense of cedar or treated lumber that you couldn’t stain right away.

The size of your boxes length and width totally depends on your window size and your preference. Obviously you want the box to run the full distance of your window and for us we did an inch more on each end. We didn’t want our window boxes to stick out too far either so we did a 3″ but you make that choice depending on the look you are wanting. *Tip: most large scale hardware stores will be able to cut the wood down for you and charge a minimal fee per cut. That’s what we did to save us a step. Just make sure you have your measurements ready and double check each board before you leave!!

Besides the pine board, you will also need a stain color of your choice and deck screws (again size depends on specific wood you chose and size of the planter box). Not included in this $10 per box are “L” brackets (in the proper size depending on box dimensions) . You will need 2 per box to make sure they are secure. If you are securing to brick like we were, you will need a hammer drill (we borrowed one from a neighbor) and masonry screws and a bit. If you are securing to siding, typical long deck screws should suffice.

Now to the building…truly – putting them together was as easy as 1, 2, 3!
#1 Align the base board with the front and back panels. Pre-drill your 2 lower holes on either side and then drill in your screw to secure.

You will want to have help with this step – extra hands and a clamp to hold the base board in place and sides even is helpful!
#2 Secure the side panels onto each side with 2 screws in the top and 2 in the bottom. And don’t forget to pre-drill to help prevent splitting the wood.

#3 Stain the outside using a foam brush or rag. After that dries completely, tape off the inside about halfway down and stain the top portion and prime the bottom portion. The top being stained will allow for a nice visual of the planter boxes since the dirt won’t come all the way to the top and the bottom being primed will help with wood rotting from moisture.

Oh and do we have to consider this a step…because it messes with my 1, 2, 3…just throw a handful of large drill holes in the bottom of each for drainage! And that’s it! You’ve got yourself some planter boxes!!

I didn’t do anything but provide encouragement for my husband when it came to hanging them. So I can’t in good conscience give a tutorial on that. But I’m sure Google can for you depending on your siding or home exterior. It was pretty quick to get them up though – that made me happy because I was ready to go!

Now for the really pretty part…flowers and greenery! I wanted a good mixture of both color and texture. I honestly went to Wal-Mart nursery with my sweet lil girl with not a plan in site. I had a budget but no specific plants in mind. But I will say – I love what I ended up with!

I wanted good depth so I had a big anchor in the center – the most gorgeous variety of sedum – go Walmart on these beauties. I had to hunt through lots of Google images of sedums but I found you all the botanical name because I wanted to share since I hate seeing pretty plants and not knowing what they are called. They are Hylotelephium sieboldii. Mouthful!

Now from there left to right – sweet potato vines (green on inside and purple on outside), orange celosia, pink periwinkles, and then the tall plants in the back are a deep plum salvia. In this photo above, the salvia are in a grow back period but two photos up, you can see them peeking out! Love the dark and light combos!

And there you have it – our DIY planter boxes tutorial and flower blueprint! I hope you decide to take on this fun affordable challenge in some form or fashion this summer. Definitely weekend project worthy!

Get your little ones involved too! Mine is a little over 2 years old and I put together the first planter box on her nap so I could decided how I wanted everything to go. But then she was my assistant on the second one and loved it as you can see!

Feel free to PIN or share using the image below! Stay around awhile – lots more DIY to see on this blog!

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